Xiaomi electric cars: plans are taking shape

Xiaomi electric cars: plans are taking shape

Smartphones are the great success for Xiaomi. The China manufacturer has long since grown into a major competitor to Samsung and Apple. But you don't rest on that. There is now news about Xiaomi's planned e-cars.

Especially around Black Friday, Xiaomi is one of the names that is practically on everyone's lips. From smartphones and tablets to TVs and household appliances to vacuum robots and e-scooters, the Chinese company offers practically everything. But that's not enough, they will also soon want to get involved in e-cars . Now the first plans for production have become known.

Xiaomi wants to start big: 300,000 e-cars per year from its own factory

It became known a few months ago that Xiaomi is preparing its entry into the e-car market. Contrary to what was recently assumed, the tech group from China does not want to have its electric cars produced by third parties. On the contrary: they are planning a huge factory with an annual capacity of 300,000 units (source: Reuters).

Right from the start, this would correspond to more than a quarter of the production volume of the electric top dog Tesla , which is set to break the million mark for the first time this year. Compared to the big names in the industry, the numbers are small, but VW and Toyota, for example, don't just build e-cars.

Cooperation such as with Great Wall Motors is still conceivable, but Xiaomi apparently does not want to rely on external production capacities. According to internal sources, the first own production should take place in Beijing . It is assumed that the new factory will reach full capacity for the first time in 2024. The starting shot for production could therefore be given earlier.

Does Xiaomi take the competition as a model for e-cars?

Specific details about Xiaomi's own electric cars are not yet known. In the smartphone area, the manufacturer has long been oriented towards the big players in the industry, but is now superior to Samsung and Apple in some ways - for example in terms of charging speed, one of the most important features of electric cars.

You should clear up these mistakes before I buy you an electric car:

The report by the Reuters news agency also shows that Xiaomi also wants to set up its headquarters and development department in Beijing. In the long term, Xiaomi stores such as those in Düsseldorf could turn from smartphone shops into showrooms for Chinese e-cars .


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