Xiaomi DUKA TR1 is the new meter with built-in telescope

When we are talking about instruments that help us in the measurement, we must talk about DUKA, which constantly launches new items on the Xiaomi sales platform like these .

Xiaomi YouPin DUKA TR1 Tourist Telescope

On this occasion, we will talk about the DUKA TR1, considered the first rangefinder of the brand to be equipped , and which has a telescope already incorporated. This makes it easier for users to take measurements even when they are at a considerable distance.

Xiaomi DUKA TR1 Rangefinder What are its features and functions?

We must say that it is designed both for outings in nature, and to perform in the professional field. That said, its main characteristic is that it allows us to measure distances between 3 and 1000 meters .

In its inner zone, we find a lens and its coating of several capable; which facilitates the issue of distortion, which is less than 3%; And thanks to its characteristics, it is even functional for people who suffer from vision problems, such as hyperopia and myopia .

Xiaomi YouPin DUKA TR1 Tourist Telescope

As we have said, we are talking about a complete and effective article, with which we will get the best distance data we need, either horizontally or vertically and, best of all, in just a few seconds.

Speaking of its autonomy, we can use it continuously for around 210 minutes ; it has a 420 mAh battery rechargeable via Type C option.

What is the availability and price of the DUKA TR1?

Xiaomi YouPin DUKA TR1 Tourist Telescope

We come to this aspect no less important, the price. The DUKA TR1, for now, is only available on Xiaomi YouPin for a price of 279 yuan; that is, € 37 ; however, its price is likely to rise a bit when offered to the western market.

  • We will update this article as soon as this Xiaomi telemeter is available
See availability of Xiaomi telemeter on Aliexpress


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