Xiaomi cracker at Saturn - 11T & Mi Smart Speaker with 12 GB tariff unrivaled cheap

Xiaomi cracker at Saturn - 11T & Mi Smart Speaker with 12 GB tariff unrivaled cheap

You can currently get the Xiaomi 11T together with Allnet / SMS-Flat and 12 GB data volume from Saturn at an extremely low price. There is also the Mi Smart Speaker for free. xiaomist does the math and reveals why the offer is worthwhile.

Saturn: Xiaomi 11T + Smart Speaker + 12 GB at a great price

Xiaomi only introduced the 11T a few months ago, when the prices for the flagship smartphone are falling dramatically. Saturn is currently offering the Xiaomi 11T with an "o2 Blue All-in M" contract for only 19.99 euros per month . In addition, there are one-off costs of 88.99 euros (additional payment + connection price). A very affordable price for the top smartphone including 12 GB of data volume, all-network and SMS flat-rate, especially since you get the large 256 GB version of the offer. In addition, the electronics market is adding the Mi Smart Speaker worth around 40 euros free of charge.

The details of the tariff at a glance:

Tariff: Blue All-in M Network: o2 12 GB LTE (max. 50 Mbit / s) Allnet and SMS flat rate EU roaming including 24 months minimum term, 3 months notice

Xiaomi 11T: The top smartphone can do that

One of the special features of the Xiaomi 11T is definitely the fact that you can fully charge it in just 36 minutes . The triple camera , consisting of a 108 MP main camera, ultra-wide-angle lens and tele macro lens, delivers strong images, but Xiaomi has made significant improvements to the screen in particular: an OLED display with a 120 Hz refresh rate is now used. In addition, the Xiaomi 11T uses a MediaTek Dimensity 1200 Ultra as processor, which together with 8 GB of RAM ensures fast performance. However, we strongly recommend using the 256 GB model, because 128 GB can quickly become scarce these days and the memory cannot be expanded.

You can find out more about the Xiaomi 11T in our hands-on video :

The following costs await you

Basic fee: 24 × 19.99 euros per month additional payment for the Xiaomi 11T (256 GB) + Smart Speaker: 49 euros Connection fee: 39.99 Shipping costs: free
= totaled 568.75 euros after 24 months

Xiaomi 11T at Saturn: That's why the offer is worthwhile

According to the idealo price comparison, the Xiaomi 11T with 256 GB currently costs at least 500 euros, while the Mi Smart Speaker costs around 40 euros. If you subtract these values ​​from the total costs over a 24-month minimum term of the Saturn tariff offer, there are effectively 28.75 euros left for the tariff, which corresponds to around 1.20 euros per month. An extremely low price for an Allnet and SMS flat rate with 18 GB of data volume.

The bill with the low price only works if you cancel at the end of the minimum contract period. If you should forget that, the contract will not be extended for another year, but can be canceled on a monthly basis.


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