Xiaomi admits: iPhone 13 is responsible for crash

Xiaomi admits: iPhone 13 is responsible for crash

Xiaomi can't really complain. The Chinese company is increasing its sales and profits from quarter to quarter. However, the company's own demands on the smartphone market were not fully met. Xiaomi has two problems. One of them is the iPhone 13.

Xiaomi: The iPhone 13 is just too strong

Xiaomi recently published its figures for the 3rd quarter of 2021 and showed that it is moving further. But the Chinese company has two problems. It was actually expected that the market share of smartphones would continue to grow. But it is not, it has even declined, so that Xiaomi suddenly only lands in third place behind Samsung and Apple. In the second quarter, according to Canalys, the market share was 16.7 percent, now it is only 13.5 percent . Xiaomi also knows why (source: mydrivers).

According to Xiaomi, the iPhone 13 is responsible for the Chinese company losing market share. The Apple phone just sold incredibly well , so Apple gained market share and Xiaomi couldn't really keep up. Instead of giving up, Xiaomi wants to keep going and make its products better. In particular, the commitment in the high-end sector is to be optimized and the devices better adapted to the needs of customers.

Xiaomi can already show what the company can do in December. Then the Xiaomi 12 smartphones will be unveiled. Then at the latest we will see the answer from China to the iPhone 13.

Xiaomi is building Android tablets again. In the video we show you the Xiaomi Pad 5:

Xiaomi is troubled by a shortage of chips

For a long time it looked as if the chip crisis would pass Xiaomi by without a trace. It doesn't hit the company quite as hard as it does in other sectors, but 10 to 20 million fewer smartphones have been shipped. So that also had a negative impact on the performance of the Chinese company.


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