Xiaomi 12: New details about the next top smartphone leaked

Xiaomi 12: New details about the next top smartphone leaked

Xiaomi wants to get it right again this year. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer will soon unveil its new high-end mobile phone in various versions, the Xiaomi 12. Precisely for this new details have now emerged.

Xiaomi 12 not expected until the end of December

In the last few weeks, many rumors about the Xiaomi 12 and its modifications have surfaced. The Xiaomi 12 Ultra in particular should set new standards and assert itself against Samsung and Apple. In the last few weeks there have been a lot of presentation dates. None of these seem to be confirmed. Instead of the beginning of December, the Xiaomi 12 will be presented on December 28, 2021 according to a sales guide (source: Weibo).

The date would really make sense because it would reveal the new smartphones exactly one year after the Xiaomi Mi 11 models in China. It is not known whether the global launch will take place at the same time. However, it is assumed that Xiaomi will initially show the new models in China .

Several models of the same kind are expected to be revealed. In addition to the normal Xiaomi 12, there should also be a 12 Lite and 12 Ultra. In addition, the manufacturer is probably also planning an ominous Xiaomi 12X, which will then not be that big, be a little cheaper and still pass as a premium model. Xiaomi could cause a stir in the upper middle class .

Crazy what other products Xiaomi sells:

Xiaomi has to come up with something

Xiaomi actually wants to become the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world within three years. But since Apple's iPhone 13 (Pro) hit the market, Xiaomi has had real problems . The US competitor's smartphones are selling extremely well - even in China. Apple has hit the nerve of the times and now also offers functions that otherwise only Android smartphones had. For example, a 120 Hz display and really good cameras. The Xiaomi 12 will have to show what the Chinese company can do.


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