Xiaomi 12 Mini: What can we expect from the "small" top smartphone?

Xiaomi 12 Mini: What can we expect from the

Xiaomi wants to launch a major attack with new Android smartphones at the end of the year. Instead of two Xiaomi 12 variants, there could even be five versions. One model in particular will be very interesting. It's about the Xiaomi 12 Mini.

Xiaomi 12 Mini showed up at the regulatory authority

Yesterday the Xiaomi 12 Mini was just a rumor, today it's a reality. The new smartphone has turned up at the Chinese registration authority. It also reveals some of the technical data that was previously only speculation. So it actually comes with a 6.3-inch full HD display . This makes it smaller than most Xiaomi smartphones, but still quite large at over 6 inches. Apple's mini models measure a maximum of 5.4 inches.

As expected, the Snapdragon 870 is used as the processor. This means that the Xiaomi 12 Mini should have enough power for all possible purposes. However, the device is not a real high-end smartphone. The size of the battery is unknown, but the charging speed is not. With up to 67 watts , the Xiaomi mobile phone can be recharged from 0 to 100 percent in a few minutes (source: GizChina).

In terms of price, the Xiaomi 12 Mini should therefore be in the upper middle class. In addition to the Xiaomi 12 Mini, a Lite, Pro and Ultra are also planned. Of course there is also a standard version with the Xiaomi 12.

Xiaomi is now also building Android tablets. In the video we show you the current model:

Xiaomi has Samsung in its sights

Last year there were three smartphones on offer with the Xiaomi Mi 11, Mi 11 Lite and Mi 11 Ultra. Now there could be five models, which of course aim to convince as many Samsung customers as possible. If the prices are right, it could work very well. Samsung has made some decisions lately that should favor the switch. Another success is looming for Xiaomi.


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