WhatsApp soon only with ID? That s behind it

WhatsApp soon only with ID? That s behind it

Will you soon have to store your ID in WhatsApp and identify yourself in this way in order to be able to use the messenger? This is currently not the case. To do this, WhatsApp would have to bring a very specific function to other countries - and even then it doesn't have to get that far.

WhatsApp will soon require identification?

The rumor has been around for some time that you will soon have to leave an ID on WhatsApp. The information comes from XDA, who discovered a new function of the messenger in the code. It was reported that in order to use the new WhatsApp Pay service, you have to leave your ID card. That's not exactly correct. In both India and Brazil, where WhatsApp Pay has already been introduced, nobody has to leave their ID .

In the two countries there are other ways to identify yourself for such important functions. There, for example, the mobile phone number is linked to the bank , so that there is no need to provide identification to use such a service (source: Mimikama). Nevertheless, something in the direction of the code has appeared in WhatsApp. There could be several reasons for this:

WhatsApp Pay could be expanded. Depending on the country, there are different options for unique identification and in Germany this is simply an identity card or passport. WhatsApp could plan a wallet on which you can deposit and pay with money, similar to PayPal. Here you would have to somehow identify yourself if the function comes to Germany. WhatsApp is also developing a cashback function for shopping. There, too, money flows and you have to somehow identify yourself.

A possible identification requirement in WhatsApp would not mean that you can no longer use the messenger itself. The ID card would only be used in Germany, if at all, if WhatsApp introduced payment functions that required clear identification. But that's all still a long way off .

The function for WhatsApp that we show you in this video is not a dream of the future:

What to activate in WhatsApp

If you save your WhatsApp backup in the cloud with Apple or Google, you should definitely activate the encryption . This is the only way to really protect your data on the Internet. The function was finally activated after years of waiting and should be activated by everyone in the settings.


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