WhatsApp shows a new warning - do you have to agree?

WhatsApp shows a new warning - do you have to agree?

WhatsApp has been trying to enforce new data protection regulations for a few months. Sometimes it was threatened that the messenger would no longer work properly if one did not agree. The inadequate education of users has resulted in a fine of millions. That's why there is now a new attempt.

WhatsApp wants approval for new data protection regulations

As of today, WhatsApp will again display a warning when you start Messenger. It's all about the new data protection regulations, which the company had to formulate more precisely after a 225 million fine in Europe so that users better understand what exactly is changing. This has happened so that from today WhatsApp will again display the notice about the new data protection regulations.

While last time you threatened that the messenger would partially no longer work if you did not agree to it, this is not the case this time. Those who do not accept the new data protection regulations have nothing to fear, because nothing will change . Basically you only annoy WhatsApp with that. If you like, you can read the new data protection regulations on the WhatsApp website in detail (source: WhatsApp FAQ).

In essence, however, nothing changes. Only new and expanded formulations were found. You can still not agree to the data protection regulations and use the messenger without restrictions. The only disadvantage that awaits you is the regular display of the notice of consent . I've lived with it myself for months and have now got used to simply wiping away the hint that pops up every now and then. I don't have any restrictions as a result.

The best alternatives to WhatsApp in video :

Improved data protection in WhatsApp

If you don't want to be too careless with the data in WhatsApp, you should read the tips given by Stiftung Warentest. Data protection can only be significantly improved with a few changes in WhatsApp.


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