WhatsApp: New function in the browser can already be used now

WhatsApp: New function in the browser can already be used now

WhatsApp has recently received many improvements that have made Messenger safer and more functional. The function that has now appeared is more fun in Messenger because you will soon be able to create stickers yourself. But there is more.

WhatsApp: You can soon create stickers yourself

Update from November 25th, 2021: That went faster than expected. You can already create your own stickers in WhatsApp Web :

Original article:

Anyone who likes to use WhatsApp a lot will certainly not only send emojis, but also stickers. So far, the sticker packs can only be downloaded. You then get a collection of different motifs that you can send. Of course, this is enough for most people to be able to show their emotions. But WhatsApp is planning more :

The source has found a way in a beta version of WhatsApp with which you can easily create stickers yourself . Instead of having to use the sticker packs, you can simply create a sticker yourself and send it to you. Basically all image files can be used for this. Be it your own photos, where the cat may make a funny face, but also other graphics that have not yet been available as stickers.

WhatsApp creates more individuality that can be lived out in Messenger. The self-generated stickers can of course be sent to all contacts . They are probably saved there in order to be able to display them. The possibilities are unlimited with this function. But as I said, not yet officially available. Probably in beta soon, later for everyone if no problems arise.

In the video we show you the best WhatsApp alternatives:

WhatsApp: playback speed for voice memos

The playback speed can be changed for voice messages sent in WhatsApp. Voice messages can be played back faster than the original. The same option will soon also be introduced for voice notes (source: WABetaInfo). These are previously recorded voice memos that are then only sent via WhatsApp. This feature is also still in development.


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