WhatsApp has what Instagram and Facebook will have to wait for years

WhatsApp has what Instagram and Facebook will have to wait for years

WhatsApp is the most successful messenger despite criticism. This is no coincidence and no competition is to be expected from our own group in the foreseeable future. Because a crucial feature that WhatsApp customers have long enjoyed will be withheld from Instagram and Facebook for a long time.

WhatsApp is used by many people, one of the most compelling reasons for Messenger. In addition, messages and images that users send via WhatsApp are encrypted end-to-end. In the meantime, the last security gap has been closed, and backups are now stored in encrypted form if you activate the corresponding function.

Instagram and Facebook: encryption is a long time coming

While the security feature that is supposed to protect your private content has long been implemented in WhatsApp, users of other apps from the same company still have to do without it. Neither Facebook Messenger nor messages via Instagram are protected by end-to-end encryption. The plan to change that is delayed, it will take some time.

Meta, the newly named group behind Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Co., has now made public for how long. End-to-end encryption will not be available for Facebook and Instagram until 2023 , as Antigone Davis, international security chief at Meta, confirmed (source: Telegraph via Betanews).

However, this is not to be expected at the turn of the year either. "We are taking our time to do this right and are not planning to end the global rollout of automatic end-to-end encryption across all of our messenger services earlier than sometime in 2023," Davis continued.

Security should also be improved with WhatsApp

It is also clear that even WhatsApp should be improved one step. Instead of only offering the option at least for backups, as before, all apps are to be switched to automatic encryption in the long term.

With Meta, company boss Mark Zuckerberg has much more plans, as he reveals in the video :

To this end, you will continue to work with external experts. The aim is to "develop effective solutions to combat abuse". The meta group (formerly Facebook) and especially Instagram were recently criticized for data protection allegations and insufficient protection of minors.


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