WhatsApp: Good news for Windows and Mac users

WhatsApp: Good news for Windows and Mac users

WhatsApp will soon be much better for all people who want to use Messenger not only on their smartphones, but also on their PC or Mac. This possibility has been worked on for years and now it is within reach.

WhatsApp: New apps for Windows and Mac users

For some time now, WhatsApp has offered the option of using Messenger on five devices at the same time. It is still not possible to exploit the full potential because the appropriate apps are missing. But that will soon change, because WhatsApp is working on native apps for Windows and macOS (source: WABetaInfo).

You will then have to register once via WhatsApp on your smartphone for the messenger on your PC or Mac and you can then use WhatsApp without a smartphone. So far, this has been much more cumbersome, as you always need an active connection to the mobile phone. The Mac app should be based on WhatsApp's universal app for the iPad. Not a separate application like now, which is intended more as a replacement for use in the browser. With the Windows app from WhatsApp it becomes similar with the UWP (Universal Windows Platform).

Interestingly, the beta version of WhatsApp's UWP app is already available in the Windows Store ( check it out in the Windows Store). There you can already download the program and try it out. Even if you use the app on the PC, end-to-end encryption is active. So you don't take any chances.

In the video we show you the best alternatives to WhatsApp:

WhatsApp: Universal apps still in development

Although the multi-device support has already been activated for many users through WhatsApp, the apps for Windows and macOS are still in development. So it could still be some time before you can really exploit the full potential. Over time, a native Android app could also follow, so that WhatsApp is no longer so heavily dependent on the smartphone.


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