WhatsApp can now be used on five devices at the same time

WhatsApp can now be used on five devices at the same time

Many have been waiting for this day. From now on, selected WhatsApp users can use the messenger on several devices at the same time, even when the mobile phone is no longer connected to the Internet. First it was beta testers, now the function is being rolled out for everyone.

WhatsApp enables multi-device support

We have all been waiting for this one function for WhatsApp for years. With other messengers, it is standard that you can use several devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs at the same time with one account . WhatsApp was never designed for this and had to be completely rebuilt for this purpose. But today is the big day when multi-device support starts. The new function appears with the first users, even if they are not on the road with the beta version.

The multi-device function works as follows:

Installs the latest update via the respective app store. Open WhatsApp and go to the three dots in the top right corner. Selects linked devices . You can start the setup there .

Only one smartphone is currently supported. So you cannot set up your WhatsApp number on multiple phones at the same time. All new devices must be registered via the mobile phone. If you do not use your cell phone for 14 days, all connections will be cut and you will have to re-establish them. As usual, the new function will be rolled out in waves. So it can take a while before everyone can access the new function.

In this video we introduce you to the best WhatsApp alternatives:

What are the benefits of WhatsApp's multi-device support?

WhatsApp has managed to synchronize all messages on all devices without compromising security. So if you first chat on your mobile phone and then switch to the tablet, all your messages will appear there and so on. Hopefully, with the final version, WhatsApp will also bring out native apps for tablets, smartwatches and the PC so that this function can be used to the full.


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