Vodafone knocks out Black Friday offer: 999 GB data volume, but not for all

Vodafone knocks out Black Friday offer: 999 GB data volume, but not for all

Vodafone is now opening all the doors in the price war around Black Friday. With 999 GB, the Düsseldorf-based company offers practically unlimited data volume - free of charge for the first six months. There are of course some restrictions.

For Black Friday: Vodafone is massively increasing the data volume for the Young L tariff

Vodafone is apparently taking Black Friday seriously this year and is giving the Young L tariff for mobile communications a decent upgrade: instead of 40 GB, you will receive 999 GB of high-speed data volume in 4G or even 5G during the promotional period - from now until December 1st . Vodafone network (see Vodafone). If you book during the promotional period, the gigantic data volume will remain yours as long as you don't cancel or change the tariff.

With Vodafone, you surf ideally with up to 500 Mbit / s in the downstream and up to 100 Mbit / s in the upstream. The actual average values ​​are, however, significantly lower. As always, when choosing your mobile network provider, you should also pay attention to network quality and reception on site.

If you opt for the Young L tariff , you will not pay a basic fee for six months , from the seventh month onwards, 37.99 euros will be charged. This is not a free gift, but you really get something on offer. SMS and telephone flat rates are included in all German cellular networks as well as in the landline network.

EU roaming, however, only refers to the "normal" 40 GB. On top of that , you will be given a VodafonePass of your choice , so you can, for example, exclude popular apps from your data consumption with "Social" or "Video". For example, your consumption via Instagram and WhatsApp or Netflix and other streaming apps would not count towards the 999 GB (watch it on Vodafone).

No stress: Vodafone does not have an automatic extension of more than 1 month

In contrast to other current offers from Vodafone, you pay the connection price of 39.99 euros. Calculated over the 24-month minimum contract period, you will have to pay a total of 723.81 euros . You have a three-month notice period at the end of the contract.

You can also book models of the iPhone 13 from Vodafone for an additional charge. You can find the differences in the video :

Vodafone states that the contract will then be extended for another year. However, as of December 1, such a clause can no longer be enforced, even for previously concluded contracts. Then the new version of the Telecommunications Act comes into force.

Anyone who is already a fixed network customer with Vodafone can secure a monthly price advantage of 10 euros and an additional 5 GB by combining them. The Young L tariff can be combined with a smartphone of your choice, such as an iPhone 13 (see Vodafone). In the first six months, you only pay the monthly flat rate for the device and, depending on your choice, a one-off discount.


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