Value for money from Xiaomi: We get completely different phones

Value for money from Xiaomi: We get completely different phones

A few days ago, Xiaomi presented the Redmi Note 11, Note 11 Pro and Note 11 Pro +, three mid-range smartphones that have so far only been sold in China. Actually, we had thought that the Android phones would come to us in this form too. However, according to the latest information, that will not happen.

Xiaomi brings a changed Redmi 11 phone to Europe

We were actually looking forward to the introduction of the new Redmi 11 smartphones. The look of the Pro models in particular has been heavily redesigned, making them look much more adult. But now everything is different. Xiaomi wants to bring the Redmi phones to Europe, but they want to change them both technically and visually (source: Notebookcheck).

Accordingly, the Redmi Note 11, Note 11 Pro and Note 11 Pro + should be planned with a completely different design for Europe. More precise details of what the cell phones might look like are not known. We don't know why Xiaomi is changing the look. The Pro models already had similarities with an iPhone . Perhaps the Chinese company wants to avoid problems in Europe. It's actually a shame, because we like the looks of the devices very much.

The technical changes wouldn't bother us at all. Xiaomi wants to use Qualcomm processors instead of MediaTek processors in the Redmi Note 11 smartphones. Depending on the model, that would even be an upgrade. However, this could also make the smartphones a bit more expensive.

In the video you can see a special edition of the Redmi Note 11 Pro +:

Xiaomi celebrates gigantic success with Redmi 11 smartphones

Not only do we like the new Redmi 11 smartphones, but also many people in China. Xiaomi sold 500,000 units there within an hour. In the meantime there should be a lot more. Since the interest is so great, the new cell phones will probably only come to us in 2022 . Xiaomi will initially cover its own market and can then expand.

In Germany there is an interesting alternative with the Poco M4 Pro. It is basically the Redmi Note 11 only with a different logo. The Pro models have not yet been adopted by Poco. Maybe there is more to come.


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