Up to 300,000 electric vehicles a year, this will be the new Xiaomi factory

Xiaomi's first electric vehicle is getting closer and closer. Although its mass production will not start until mid-2022, the company plans to do it in a big way , building new factories with a high level of production.

As we can read through Reuters , Xiaomi will open a new car manufacturing plant in Beijing. It appears to be capable of producing more than 300,000 electric vehicles annually, thus meeting the demand that the company hopes to achieve.

Autonomous driving, with a very good autonomy

Autonomous driving and great autonomy, this is how Xiaomi's first electric vehicle will be defined. The latest investments made by the company have focused on improving the autonomous driving system and achieving a battery system that is as efficient as possible .

Hasta 300.000 vehículos eléctricos al año, así será la nueva fábrica de Xiaomi. Noticias Xiaomi A

That is, if mass production will not start until mid-2024 , being that same year when we see the first Xiaomi electric vehicle on the streets of China .

We can only wait and see how this new market evolves in which Xiaomi has bet everything . In addition, it will be necessary to see if this first electric vehicle ends up leaving China and becoming a true alternative to the Tesla.

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