Turning point at Samsung: LCD is over

Turning point at Samsung: LCD is over

New times are dawning at Samsung. The electronics company is ending LCD production at its important subsidiary, Samsung Display. Instead, the focus is on better screens for practically everything from smartphones to luxury televisions.

Samsung is giving up LCD production - for good reason

The end has come for LC displays from Samsung. They want to give their production completely out of hand. Instead, Samsung Display will concentrate on OLED and QLED products, which are considered to be of higher quality.

Samsung is already shutting down the last two locations for LCD production in South Korea (source: Digitimes). The industry portal refers to relevant press reports on site. Accordingly, new machines are to be used in the two factories - one for smaller panels for smartphones, tablets or laptops, the other mainly for larger TV screens.

They manufacture 6G OLED panels (for portable devices) as well as Samsung's in-house development, Quantum Dot LEDs (QLED). With just one production line for the new QLED panels, up to 30,000 pieces are expected to roll off the assembly line every month. But it shouldn't stop there, the capacity should be increased to around 1 million QLED TVs per year - in sizes from 55 to 65 inches alone.

This clearly shows Samsung's strategy: For the South Koreans, the focus is obviously on high-quality TV screens in a size suitable for the masses . It is aimed at the group of those who like to enjoy good pictures. However, the focus is not on very small or gigantic panels larger than 70 inches. A decision that should guarantee Samsung good sales in the future as well.

Samsung LCD TVs remain, but not self-made

But that doesn't mean the end of Samsung's LCD televisions. The necessary equipment is planned to be sold to Chinese manufacturers. It is from these very people that you will buy the screens in the future in order to manufacture your own TVs.

What is the difference between LCD and OLED? The answer is in the video :

Since the more expensive QLED models for Samsung have a larger margin , they want to concentrate on the more profitable part of the business. This also applies to the focus on OLED in smartphones, for example. Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers here and, for example, sells large parts of the production to Apple for the construction of iPhones.


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