These tricks that will help you keep your Xiaomi like the first day

Our smartphone has become an essential tool for our day to day. That is why taking care of our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO is essential if we want it to last and also always be in the best condition.

In view of this, below we have compiled five essential tricks that will undoubtedly help you keep your Xiaomi like the first day , not only at the software level, but also aesthetically and functionally.

1. Clean speaker and prevent dirt from accumulating

Over time, the speaker of your Xiaomi tends to accumulate dust and dirt inside. This obstruction can cause the sound to not be able to exit normally to the outside , reducing the volume and in some cases damaging the speaker itself. However, its solution is quick, and there are also different ways to clean the speaker of your Xiaomi .

Cleaning dirt from the speaker

The fastest and easiest way, especially if we repeat the process frequently (1 time every two weeks) is among the MIUI settings. Thanks to the " Clean speaker " functionality, which uses high-frequency sounds, we will be able to expel the dirt particles lodged in the speaker .

Five tricks that will help you keep your Xiaomi like the first day. News Xiaomi

To access this option we will only have to go into Settings> Additional settings> Clean speaker . Unfortunately this option is not available on all Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO, although you can always use online tools such as Fixmyspeakers .

2. Use a quality cover

A good cover is always an excellent option to take care of a mobile. However, it is not enough to choose just any make or model . If you want better protection, you need to buy a cover from the best brands.

Cinco trucos que te ayudarán a mantener tu Xiaomi como el primer día. Noticias Xiaomi A

Of course, Xiaomi has official cases; however, these are only available in China . Faced with this situation, there are other brands of covers capable of providing the best security to your Xiaomi mobile . These are:

  • Nillkin: In the Nillkin case catalog you will find covers of all kinds, ranging from flexible , rigid , and even some models that offer protection for the camera lens .
  • Spigen: If what you are looking for is an elegant case for your Xiaomi, Spigen has for you the best collection of protective covers on the market . In fact, it is considered one of the brands that offers the greatest security.
  • XUNDD: XUNDD cases are characterized by having reinforced corners capable of protecting your device from practically almost any accidental fall . For that reason, do not miss the opportunity to acquire a product from this brand that has managed to establish itself as an excellent option.

Other renowned brands are RINGKE ; known for its radical designs to protect the mobile from falls, MOFI ; famous for its sensational finishes and high-quality materials, and CAFELE ; an ideal option for those users who want thin cases that do not add bulk to the device.

3. Use original chargers and to be able to avoid fast charging

Charging too frequently and abusing fast charging can seriously damage the battery status of a terminal . If you add to that using a non-original charger, the result can be catastrophic.

Cinco trucos que te ayudarán a mantener tu Xiaomi como el primer día. Noticias Xiaomi A

Taking advantage of the maximum charge of a mobile can be useful when you have little time to charge the device. However, abusing this function leads to serious problems. For that reason, if you are looking to extend the battery life of your terminal, try to use fast charging only for specific occasions .

In the same way, to avoid that the charger uses the maximum power of the mobile , you have the option of buying an original Xiaomi charger of lower power . For example, if you have a Xiaomi 11 whose maximum power is 55W, then use a 27W Xiaomi charger .

4. Check the temperature frequently

Knowing the temperature of your Xiaomi is essential if we want to prevent its electronic components, and especially its battery, from degrading more quickly . Fortunately MIUI allows us to view the internal temperature easily.

Cinco trucos que te ayudarán a mantener tu Xiaomi como el primer día. Noticias Xiaomi A

To find out, for example, the battery temperature, just go to Settings> Battery and performance> Battery . From this section we can view, in real time, the internal temperature of the battery. As a reference we will take these values:

  • Between 25ºC and 39ºC normal values
  • 40ºC or more, value too high

Taking this reference into account, it will always be appropriate that the battery does not exceed 39ºC . This can happen when we use our Xiaomi while charging it or during use while at the beach or pool.

5. Download applications from the official store

Given the immense amount of personal data that smartphones store, its security should not be neglected under any circumstances. We have many tips to increase the security of your Xiaomi ; However, this time we want to mention a relevant recommendation: download your applications from the official store .

Many users choose to download a desired app from a third-party website using an APK. However, if it is a portal with little or no trust, there is a great possibility that your data is vulnerable to cyber attacks .

To avoid the presence of malware on your mobile, always remember to download from the official Android store , Google Play Store. In addition, another way to prevent some software or web from downloading unwanted applications without your permission, you can deactivate the option to " Install applications from unknown sources ".

Five tricks that will help you keep your Xiaomi like the first day. News Xiaomi

To do this, simply go to Settings> Privacy protection> Special permissions> Install unknown applications . Next, select an app on your device and uncheck the " Trust this source " box if it is activated.

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