The Xiaomi 12 is already in production and would be presented in December along with these features

There are more and more rumors that revolve around the Xiaomi 12. Although, its presentation is not yet official, everything indicates that it will be in the middle of next December when we know in detail this new Xiaomi flagship.

Meanwhile, new rumors suggest that the Xiaomi 12 is already in the process of mass production , a phase prior to its launch so that in December or early 2022 it is already on sale to the public.

Possible features of the Xiaomi 12

In addition, in recent months various rumors have gained strength around the possible characteristics of the Xiaomi 12, starting with an LTPO-type screen capable not only of offering a really good visual experience, but also an adaptive adjustment of its refresh rate between 1 and 120Hz.

El Xiaomi 12 ya está en producción y se presentaría en diciembre junto a estas características. Noticias Xiaomi A
Unofficial render of the Xiaomi 12

Likewise, it is said that the Xiaomi 12 will have a 5,000mAh battery, a quite considerable capacity if we take into account previous generations. This would also come equipped with a 120W fast charge , very similar to that of the Xiaomi 11T .

For the rest, everything indicates that Xiaomi will once again opt for a 108MP camera , equipped with a better aperture than, for example, the Xiaomi Mi 11 . In combination we would find an optical telephoto lens.

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