The new sidebar of MIUI 13 will finally be called «Sidebar»

With each new beta, Xiaomi is revealing small details about the features that we will see in MIUI 13. Although, a few weeks ago we discovered the new "Smart Toolbox" menu , it will finally end up being called "Sidebar" .

This is how they teach us from Gizmochina , since apparently Xiaomi has changed the name of this in its last beta launched in China, with "Sidebar" being the final name that this practical side menu takes that we will see in a final and stable way in MIUI 13.

This will be the new side menu "Sidebar" of MIUI 13

As we can see in the following images, the new "Sidebar" functionality is an intelligent menu capable of showing those applications that we are likely to use according to our daily behavior.

La nueva barra lateral de MIUI 13 se llamará finalmente "Sidebar". noticias Xiaomi A

In addition, this new menu, which in part reminds us of MIUI's floating ball , is fully customizable, allowing us to hide it, adjust its location or select part of the applications that will be displayed , not only the most recent ones, but those that we want to be displayed. keep it fixed.

Thanks to this new Sidebar we will stop using the application drawer so often. You are probably not the only one who only frequently uses two or three applications of the ten that we usually have installed.

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  1. In this new feature play with screen off features gets removed need that one please restore


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