Telegram gets new features that WhatsApp would also look good on

Telegram gets new features that WhatsApp would also look good on

Telegram is once again being expanded to include new functions that actually offer real added value. WhatsApp could take over some of them to make your own messenger better. We would especially like the calendar view and the interactive emojis.

Telegram is getting some new functions

Things are going very well for Telegram at the moment. The number of users is increasing and of course you want to offer something to the users. Several new functions have now been introduced that will be integrated into the messenger (source: Telegram).

Calendar view : Telegram integrates a practical calendar view for shared media. You can easily see on which days you shared which content and call it up again much faster. For example, on your birthday or other special moments. Telegram has generally optimized the search for images, videos, music and other files. Membership requests for groups and channels: To improve security in groups and channels, owners and admins now have the option to review the new members before they are accepted. Admins can then see the picture and bio and decide whether to accept the request to join. Driving time for shared locations: Only in iOS is the ability to see the driving time for shared locations integrated. Regardless of whether you are on foot, by car or public transport, you can see how long it will take a friend to come to you. More interactive emojis: Telegram has integrated more emojis that show a large animation when touched in full screen.

These were just some of the new functions that will be implemented in the new version of Telegram for Android and iOS. At the same time, the company has already announced that another update is planned before winter.

In the video we show you the best alternatives to WhatsApp and Telegram:

Telegram will soon introduce advertising

In the future, advertising will be displayed in Telegram. The company has announced that very large groups of over 1,000 members will soon see text messages of up to 160 characters marked as advertisements. You can find out more about this in this article.


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