Telegram confirms subscription model: How expensive will the WhatsApp alternative be?

Telegram confirms subscription model: How expensive will the WhatsApp alternative be?

Telegram has recently gained a large number of new users. The short-term failure of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp in particular drove millions of people to Telegram. Now the company wants to make money and that shouldn't just happen with advertising.

Telegram is planning a subscription model for financing

Only a few days ago it became known that Telegram would like to display advertising in chats. Advertisers should be able to send messages to large groups with more than 1,000 members. Such is the preliminary plan. It was already clear that it would not stay that way. Telegram does not want to rely entirely on this type of advertising. A subscription model is now being planned for users in order to be able to hide this advertising again immediately (source: MSPoweruser).

Accordingly, Telegram is not only working on advertising that is to be introduced, but also directly on a way of not having to see this advertising. Accordingly, a "cheap subscription" is planned so that users never have to see advertising and support the messenger. The exact amount is not known. It should probably not be more than one or two euros a month.

Incidentally, WhatsApp also cost something. At that time, you had to pay 99 cents once for the app. Later, however, the messenger was bought for free and then bought by Facebook. Telegram, on the other hand, only started for free and now wants to make a lot of money with the many users.

Telegram is one of the most important WhatsApp alternatives. In the video you can find out why:

Channel owners can also turn off advertising in Telegram

But not only users will be able to switch off advertising in Telegram for a fee. Channel owners can also turn off advertising for their own channel. This ensures that no advertising is displayed there. Telegram is currently still thinking about the costs.


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