Tariff hits in the Telekom network: Get a discount of up to 63% on Black Friday

Tariff hits in the Telekom network: Get a discount of up to 63% on Black Friday

For Black Friday there are a few really good tariff offers in the Telekom network at Mobilcom-Debitel for a very short time. You save not only on the monthly costs, but also on the connection fee. xiaomist has the details.

Black Friday tariffs in the Telekom network from 9.99 euros per month

If you are currently looking for a new SIM-only mobile phone tariff in the Telekom network , you should take a closer look at the Black Friday offers at Mobilcom-Debitel. There are savings of up to 63 percent compared to the normal price. The following tariffs are reduced:

9 GB green LTE Allnet Flat for 9.99 euros a month (63 percent discount) 9 GB LTE data volume (25 Mbit / s) Flat telephony SMS costs 19 cents 9.99 euros a month (instead of 26.99 euros) 19. 99 euros connection price (instead of 39.99 euros) To the offer 14 GB green LTE Allnet Flat for 12.99 euros per month (59 percent discount) 14 GB LTE data volume (25 Mbit / s) Flat telephony SMS cost 19 cents 12.99 EUR per month (instead of EUR 31.99) EUR 19.99 connection price (instead of EUR 39.99) To the offer 26 GB green LTE Allnet Flat for EUR 16.99 per month (59 percent discount) 26 GB LTE data volume (25 Mbit / s) Flat telephony SMS cost 19 cents 16.99 euros a month (instead of EUR 36.99) EUR 19.99 connection fee (instead of 39.99 euros) to offer

You have to make compromises on two points with this tariff, but you can accept them. There is no SMS flat rate included. With WhatsApp and other messengers this is not really a problem. The speed in the LTE network is also limited to 25 Mbit / s. You can at least make full use of this in the Telekom network and still surf the web quickly on the go. Here you get a really solid tariff at a bargain price in the Telekom network.

This is how you determine whether a tariff is really good:

For whom is the offer worthwhile?

In the end, for everyone who already owns a smartphone (or can get one separately at a bargain price on Black Friday 2021) and is looking for a cheap tariff in the Telekom network. Thanks to the Telekom network, you no longer have to worry about reception, because it is still in first place in the current network test.


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