Tariff blockbuster in the Vodafone network: Otelo increases to 50 GB for Cyber ​​Monday

Tariff blockbuster in the Vodafone network: Otelo increases to 50 GB for Cyber ​​Monday

Otelo currently offers you a massive plus on data volume at no extra charge. Even after Black Friday there is a whopping 50 GB in the Vodafone network on Cyber ​​Monday and beyond for 30 euros. A small hook can easily be levered out.

50 GB for 30 euros: Otelo offer applies beyond Cyber ​​Monday

Anyone looking for a decent amount of data volume after Black Friday will find what they are looking for on Cyber ​​Monday at Otelo. The mobile communications provider from Vodafone is doubling the previous special offer of its Allnet-Flat Max. From now on there is 50 GB of mobile data volume at no extra charge .

Previously it was 25 GB, but the price remains the same: the Allnet-Flat Max per month with a contract term of 24 months costs 29.99 euros (see Otelo). The offer runs until December 3rd. If you book during this time, you will receive the plus on data volume until the end of the contract. As Vodafone confirmed in response to our request, the offer is not only valid for new customers but also for existing customers when changing tariffs or extending their contracts.

As the name suggests, you get a flat rate for telephony and SMS in all German networks. You are on the move in Vodafone's LTE network . However, this was only just relegated to third place in Germany by o2. If you don't mind, you get a lot of surfing volume for relatively little money.

There is even more data volume for younger customers: Customers under the age of 28 get 54 GB for the same price. If you activate the option in the Otelo app after signing the contract, you can also secure 50 euros as a credit . The connection fee is currently reduced from 39.99 euros to 9.99 euros. If you take the old number with you, you can save it completely thanks to the 10 euro bonus.

The problem: You're slower with Otelo

The only drawback with Otelos Allnet-Flat Max is the speed: Surfing is limited to a maximum of 21.6 Mbit / s in the download and 3.6 Mbit / s in the upload. Should be rare, but if you use up the 50 GB, you will drop to 64 kbps in both directions. If you need more, you can upgrade to 100 Mbit / s or 50 Mbit / s for 5 euros per month.

Also available in a bundle with the Allnet-Flat Max from Otelo - the Google Pixel 6 in the hands-on video :

If you are also looking for a current smartphone, you can secure the Google Pixel 6 in a bundle via Logitel. Everything you need to know about this can be found in our article.


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