Sony surprises: Xperia phones are more popular than expected

Sony surprises: Xperia phones are more popular than expected

For a long time, Sony's wireless communications division was considered the concern's problem child. According to new figures, smartphones are now looking much better. In the future, Sony is likely to focus even more on high-end models.

Sony: Sales of mobile phones increased significantly

While Sony is making a profit primarily from software and the PlayStation, sales of Xperia smartphones have been quite disappointing in recent years. In 2021, a positive result was reported for the first time in three years. A look at the quarterly figures that have now been published make it clear that Sony could at least have passed the low point. Sales increased by around a quarter compared to the same quarter of the previous year (source: Android Authority).

With Xperia mobile phones, Sony was able to generate sales of around 745 million euros in the quarter that has just ended. Previously it was just over 600 million euros. Despite problems in the supply chain, which basically all electronics manufacturers struggle with, in the end there is a significantly higher result on the books. According to Sony, this is mainly due to the premium cell phones, which are now increasingly being offered. In Germany, however, Sony's market share has not increased.

With the Xperia Pro-I, Sony has a completely new mobile phone in its portfolio. Details in the video:

Sony: Software and PlayStation remain the workhorse

In comparison with the games division, Sony's mobile communications department cannot keep up. With software and hardware, the group turned over around 4.9 billion euros in the quarter just ended. This corresponds to an increase of almost 30 percent . However, profit has fallen by 20 percent over the same period.

According to Sony, the self-set goals around the PlayStation 5 are not in danger. So far, the console has been sold 13.4 million times. By the end of March 2021 there should be 22.6 million units. It is said that "enough chips" were secured for this. The PlayStation 5 is hardly available in Germany.


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