Signal shows WhatsApp how to properly solve problems

Signal shows WhatsApp how to properly solve problems

Signal is one of the most popular messengers in the world and is a good alternative to WhatsApp and Telegram. But even there there are many problems that the makers want to solve. One takes a completely different route than WhatsApp - to protect users.

Signal fights spam differently than WhatsApp

If a messenger is particularly secure and has no access to user content, fighting spam is no easy task. Like many other messengers, Signal has a problem with unwanted messages that you want to tackle now without endangering the security or privacy of users. WhatsApp, for example, relies on plain text content. If someone reports spam, personal data and the last message are sent to WhatsApp and evaluated. Signal does it differently (source: Signal).

So that data protection is still guaranteed when a spam account is reported in Signal, only the mobile phone number and a newly generated ID are saved . If the number is reported frequently, Signal can block the account without violating the privacy of both parties.

Signal users can already decide whether they want to accept or decline contact . You can only communicate with each other when you have accepted. With WhatsApp you only need the number of the other person and you can directly start a conversation, call, access personal data via the profile and view status updates.

Signal also retrofits in this case. This makes it harder for scammers to fool other people with a wrong profile picture. If the mobile phone number is not stored in the phone book, the picture is initially displayed blurred . This is how you want to ensure that you don't mix up accounts.

In the video we introduce you to the best WhatsApp alternatives:

Signal wants to further improve data protection

In addition to the visible changes, Signal has also adjusted the code to reduce spam. However, the code is not accessible to everyone, in order not to allow spammers to find holes there. However, it is regularly checked by experts.


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