Signal: New function makes you something special

Signal: New function makes you something special

Signal is working on many new features in the background. In the beta version of the messenger, a feature can now be tested with which you will be particularly recognized - namely if you support the messenger. In the long run, Signal should get much better this way.

Signal tests badges for supporters

Most messengers are free, but the development and infrastructure generate costs that the teams behind them somehow have to cover. At Signal, this works through donations, for example. In the latest beta version of the messenger, however, a new support option is currently being tested. The badges are available in beta versions 5.26 for Android and 5.27 for iOS.

Depending on how you support Signal, a different badge will be displayed on your professional, making you a supporter. So for the first time you can really see who is contributing something and that makes the supporters something special . There are two variants:

A one-time donation of different amounts activates a "boost badge" that is displayed on your profile for 30 days. Or you can donate monthly and you will receive a different badge depending on the amount.

If you think the messenger is really good and want to help with its development, you can get such a small reward and even encourage friends or acquaintances to take part. Of course, you don't have to donate anything. You can continue to use Messenger for free and have no disadvantages . So far, the function has been active in the beta version. As soon as it lands in the final version, we will report on it again.

Signal is one of the best WhatsApp alternatives:

Signal wants to make Messenger more secure through usernames

The fact that Signal cares about the privacy of its users is also shown by a function that will be introduced soon. You will be able to create a username. This not only makes it easier to find people for whom you don't have the number, but also allows users to hide their mobile phone number and thus be more secure on the road.


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