Save 130 euros on the Galaxy Tab S5e: Amazon is selling off Samsung tablets

Save 130 euros on the Galaxy Tab S5e: Amazon is selling off Samsung tablets

Would you like a new tablet? Amazon is currently selling Samsung's Galaxy Tab S5e at a significantly reduced price. With its Super AMOLED display and four AKG speakers, the Galaxy Tab S5e is the ideal multimedia tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is currently being offered for 299 euros on Amazon (see Amazon). The online retailer normally charges 429 euros, so buyers can save 130 euros.

In February 2019, Samsung officially presented the Galaxy Tab S5e. Since the presentation, the Samsung tablet has seen a decent price drop. There is currently not much left of the original RRP for the WLAN variant. Shortly before Black Friday 2021, Amazon is now using the red pencil and reducing the tablet to 299 euros (view on Amazon)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: what are the tablet's pluses?

The Galaxy Tab S5e scores points in particular with its high-quality metal case and the slim design, which does not weigh more than 400 grams. At 5.5 mm, the Samsung tablet is also pleasantly thin.

The real highlight, however, is without a doubt the Super AMOLED display with a 10.5-inch screen diagonal and a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels. The AMOLED technology ensures bright colors and excellent black levels. In combination with the four AKG-certified speakers, the Galaxy Tab S5e becomes the ideal multimedia tablet. The Snapdragon 670 processor in combination with 4 GB of RAM ensures fast everyday performance.

Buyers have to do without a jack connection and, unlike the Galaxy Tab S4, this Samsung tablet cannot be operated with a pen.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: who is it worth buying for?

The Galaxy Tab S5e is worthwhile for everyone who deliberately doesn't want an iPad, but prefers to use a slim and light Android tablet. Sharp Super AMOLED display and the four AKG speakers make the Galaxy Tab S5e the perfect multimedia tablet and the ideal companion for a cozy evening on the couch to watch your favorite films on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and Co. Indulge in series.


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