Samsung will soon stop distributing Android updates for these smartphones

Samsung will soon stop distributing Android updates for these smartphones

Samsung has significantly expanded the update guarantee for its Galaxy smartphones so that Android updates are distributed over a longer period of time, but this will also come to an end at some point. This time it hits four models.

Samsung will soon stop distributing Android updates for these Galaxy phones

Samsung's Galaxy-A smartphones are among the most popular phones in the world. They get Android updates quickly and frequently, but they also get staggered over time. From monthly updates to one update per quarter, until updates are only rolled out as required . The following Samsung smartphones have now reached this point (source: SamMobile):

Samsung Galaxy A20s Samsung Galaxy A30s Samsung Galaxy A50s Samsung Galaxy A70s

Especially with the Galaxy A20s, the development is of course a shame, because this Samsung smartphone has been sold again and again at Aldi at low prices and is in circulation in the millions. But the Galaxy A50s was also very popular in Germany .

Of course, that doesn't mean that smartphones will no longer receive Android updates at all. In recent years, Samsung has proven time and again that even models that were officially stamped received updates years later . The best example of this was the Galaxy S7, which Samsung supplied for an extremely long time, as there are still many people who actively use this model.

In the video we reveal everything that belongs to Samsung:

Samsung has greatly expanded its update guarantee

Samsung is one of the smartphone manufacturers who offer the best update guarantee for its Android smartphones. There are three years of OS updates and four years of security updates . Only recently, Google slightly trumped this update guarantee and provides at least its Pixel 6 smartphones with OS updates for three years and security updates for five years. Xiaomi draws level with Samsung at least with the 11T and 11T Pro. So something is happening with Android updates for smartphones.


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