Samsung: New smartphone design should completely change operation

Samsung: New smartphone design should completely change operation

Samsung has implemented many new smartphone ideas in recent years, which are now also a real success. The South Korean company is currently selling two versions of folding cell phones. A third version could be added soon.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold planned with a horizontal hinge

Samsung's folding smartphones are becoming more and more interesting every year. The design is optimized, the durability improved and the range of functions increased. The basic function remained the same. The Galaxy Z Fold can be folded vertically into a slim smartphone as a tablet, while the Galaxy Z Flip can be folded horizontally as a smartphone. Samsung now wants to combine these two mechanisms:

According to a patent that has now emerged , Samsung basically wants to build a Microsoft Surface Go 2 , only with a continuous display on the inside and a second screen on the outside. So you would get a Galaxy Z Fold 3 that doesn't fold vertically, but horizontally.

With this, Samsung would completely change the way the smartphone is operated. The external display would be much more practical than the narrow version of the Galaxy Z Fold 3. So you would get a large and small Android tablet at the same time , which of course could also be used as a smartphone.

In the video we show you the two folding smartphones from Samsung:

Samsung gets a lot of new possibilities with Android 12L

Samsung has already made adjustments to its own "One UI" surface so that a foldable smartphone can be better used. But with Android 12L, Google will soon be introducing a completely new operating system that was specially developed for foldable devices. By then at the latest, the added value of such a device could come out even more. Samsung will of course continue to make its own adjustments.


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