Samsung is planning an Android tablet that nobody expected

Samsung is planning an Android tablet that nobody expected

Samsung wants to really take off in the tablet market. The company is planning several new Android tablets, but a new model has now appeared that Samsung actually no longer wanted to build.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Lite: Affordable Premium Tablet with Android?

We already know that Samsung intends to bring two new high-end tablets to the market in the coming months, the Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab S8 Plus, as successors to the Galaxy Tab S7 generation. It was recently announced that a huge 14.6-inch model is planned with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. But that's not enough for the South Korean company, because now a Galaxy Tab S8 Lite has suddenly appeared (source: GalaxyClub).

In the Galaxy Tab S7 generation, there was no longer a Lite model, because Samsung is now offering cheaper versions of the top models with the Galaxy Tab A7 and Galaxy Tab S7 FE. The fact that a Galaxy Tab S8 Lite should suddenly appear again is a real surprise. You could get an Android tablet in the range of 300 to 400 euros that only makes small compromises compared to the Galaxy Tab S8 and at the same time retains many of the top features.

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE, for example, is a cheaper version of the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus with a 12.4-inch display. There is no cheaper version of the normal Galaxy Tab S7 and the Galaxy Tab A7 is a bit too weak for that. Samsung would therefore fill a gap with the Galaxy Tab S8 series.

In the video you can see the brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: New Android tablets do not come at the same time

It is currently expected that the Galaxy Tab S8, S8 Plus and S8 Ultra will be presented together. The Galaxy Tab S8 Lite will not follow until some time later. Of course, there could also be a Galaxy Tab S8 FE. Now that Google has announced a new operating system for Android tablets with Android 12L, Samsung seems to want to step on the gas again in this area.


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