Samsung is developing special smartphones that have never been seen before

Samsung is developing special smartphones that have never been seen before

Samsung is known for not only planning extravagant Android smartphones, but actually putting them into action. This has already been proven with the foldable smartphones. But now a new model is to be developed that should be both foldable and extendable - and the idea looks really promising.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold & Slide surfaced

Samsung has had great success with the current Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 folding smartphones. In the next few years, however, the selection of folding devices should continue to grow and this is where the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold & Slide could come into play. As the name suggests, it is a foldable smartphone that can also be expanded using a slider mechanism . It looks like this:

At first glance, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold & Slide looks like a Galaxy Z Fold 3 (for testing). So it's a small tablet that can be folded up into a smartphone. However, a second display can be pulled out on one side and thus expand the display. In the example, a keyboard is displayed on it and a border can be seen. However, Samsung wants to ensure that the display can be expanded seamlessly, as you can see in the drawings.

This would make Samsung the Galaxy Z Fold & Slide a much larger Android tablet when it is unfolded. You would get a much better aspect ratio with which content can be displayed without black bars. In addition, Samsung could use the space even better for multitasking . The possibilities are many.

Samsung is also planning a retractable smartphone

Samsung Display has all sorts of ideas for new smartphones. The South Korean company has been working on a retractable smartphone for a long time. So you would have, for example, a Galaxy S21 that can be pulled out to the side and thus provides twice the screen area . Folding and slider technologies are combined in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold & Slide.

Nobody has done that before and Samsung could really come up with an interesting solution here. Currently, however, there is only one patent that has been visualized. It is not known whether it will actually be built this way. Retractable smartphones are extremely difficult to implement. Several manufacturers have already bitten their teeth on it.


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