Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (2021): This is what the cheap Android tablet looks like

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (2021): This is what the cheap Android tablet looks like

With the Galaxy Tab A8 (2021), a fairly inexpensive Android tablet from Samsung is likely to come our way soon. After the first leaks, a press photo has now appeared. But there are no big surprises to be seen here.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (2021): First official picture shows cheap tablet

We have known for a few weeks what the Galaxy Tab A8 (2021) might look like. Now there is a first press render that allows a detailed look at the upcoming Android tablet. Accordingly, hardly anything will change compared to the predecessor. Samsung only opted for a round version instead of a square version for the camera. The LC display has a diagonal of 10.4 inches.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (2021) will have a metal back and quite thick edges (source: Evan Blass on Twitter). In this price range that is surely to be gotten over. A classic headphone jack and a USB-C port have now also been confirmed. However, no information is yet available on the performance of the battery.

The heart of the inexpensive tablet from Samsung is likely to be the Tiger T618 processor from Unisoc, with at least one version of 3 GB of RAM at the side. Android 11 is used as the operating system, and an update to Android 12 can be expected soon. Samsung has opted for 32 and 64 GB of storage. It remains unclear whether the memory can be expanded again via a microSD card. Regardless of this, a WLAN and LTE version of the tablet can be assumed.

What you need to know before buying a tablet, we explain in the video :

When will the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (2021) be released?

Samsung has not yet officially commented on the successor to the popular Galaxy Tab A7. A release date has therefore not yet been set. In terms of price, we can assume around 200 to 250 euros . The predecessor went on sale for around 220 euros.


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