Samsung Galaxy S21: Ultra smartphone available for a hammer price on Black Friday

Samsung Galaxy S21: Ultra smartphone available for a hammer price on Black Friday

The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G is one of the best and most popular Android smartphones on the market. As part of the "Black Friday" from Samsung, the Ultra model is available from the manufacturer at an absolutely top price.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra falling in price

Update from November 25th, 2021: Instead of the normal Galaxy S21, there is now the Galaxy S21 Ultra with 256 GB of storage from Samsung for only 799 euros (check it out at Samsung). You can pre-order and should get it in December. Other dealers charge 1,049 euros. A real blast!

All offers from Samsung for Black Friday 2021 can be found on this special page (view at Samsung).

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After only a few months on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is a bit cheaper. Amazon is offering the smartphone at a price of only 819 euros (check it out at Amazon). The drop in prices is significantly less than in previous years. The lack of chips ensures that prices remain high. That's why every opportunity should be used to get a good deal.

What makes the Samsung Galaxy S21 so special?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 basically fulfills all the wishes that we have had for years. It has an excellent, flat display, a great camera, high performance and a very good battery life. These aren't just promises made by Samsung. The test of the Galaxy S21 showed that you have to make some compromises in the current generation, but these were made with care and create a well-balanced mobile phone. If you are looking for a loyal companion for the next few years, you have come to the right place with the Galaxy S21. Samsung will also distribute very long updates for this smartphone. Samsung wants to supply the Galaxy S21 with new versions for at least four years.

Will the price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 fall further?

With a very high probability. The Galaxy S21 would normally not be available that cheap at the moment. In the long term, however, the price will continue to fall. xiaomist will update this article regularly and summarize the best prices for you here.


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