Samsung can not help it: iPhone function copied snobbish

Samsung can not help it: iPhone function copied snobbish

Samsung - Apple's toughest competitor in the smartphone race - is known not to get tired and likes to blaspheme the iPhone manufacturer. Later, however, one then secretly copies and simply apes the scolded competitor. So now again.

IPhone users weren't that impressed by Apple's decision to lower the address bar in Safari with iOS 15 by default. Humans are creatures of habit and like to criticize changes. However, this does not prevent Samsung from copying this iPhone function in exactly the same way for its own browser.

Samsung mimics the iPhone's Safari address bar

The feature was integrated into the latest beta of the Samsung Internet app , which is currently available for their smartphones (source: Dan Seifert, Twitter). As with Apple, there is now the option "Position of the address bar" within the browser settings. At this point, users can choose between the classic, well-known web browser layout and the new design with the uniform address bar at the bottom of the screen. If you choose the latter option, then the similarity to Safari in iOS 15 cannot be denied.

Incidentally, Apple also gives you the choice, you just have to know where to find the respective setting. A little tip: Open Settings -> Safari -> Tabs -> select "Individual tab" instead of "Tab bar".

Speaking of Samsung, in the video we get an overview of the real size of the group:

Repeat offender Samsung

Samsung was quick to adopt the feature this time around. In the past, people went to the trouble of making fun of Apple's decisions and then simply copying them "snotty". We fondly remember missing headphone jacks and USB power supplies. Samsung just can't help but do it again - imitate Apple without turning red.


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