Samsung beaten: Microsoft s folding phone is tough

Samsung beaten: Microsoft s folding phone is tough

Foldable cell phones aren't actually known for being tough. Microsoft's Surface Duo 2 can put itself ahead of the competition in this area, as a new video suggests. Samsung can only be amazed, especially since the Microsoft cell phone is even more powerful.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2: the folding phone is scratch-resistant

A flexible display is used in foldable smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3. However, the folding mechanism also ensures that cell phones of this type are not the most robust. Scratches on the screen are quickly noticeable if the owner is not careful. Microsoft, on the other hand, opted for two separate displays for its Surface Duo 2 - and this has a positive effect on the scratch resistance, as a new video shows.

Zack Nelson Jerry Fingered verything the Microsoft Surface 2 Duo has exactly looked and found this is that it at least makes a better figure in the resistance than other folding smartphones. In the notorious bending test, the Microsoft cell phone also bends, but this is largely due to the plastic frame. It remains impressive that the smartphone does not break. The strong Gorilla Glass Victus does a great job here.

Surface Duo 2: More robust than Samsung competition

The display glass itself is not that different from what you find on other higher-priced Android phones. At level 6 on the Mohs scale, slight scratches become visible, while at level 7 deeper grooves also appear (source: JerryRigEverything). That's far more impressive than the scratches at level 3, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Time will tell whether the Microsoft cell phone can also attract more buyers through more resilience. Testers and customers are not particularly impressed by the Surface Duo 2's software. The price of at least 1,599 euros is also a deterrent, although the cell phone is surprisingly powerful.


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