Realme GT Neo 2 presented: eye-catching Android phone with a large battery

Realme GT Neo 2 presented: eye-catching Android phone with a large battery

With the Realme GT Neo 2, the Chinese manufacturer today presented its new upper mid-range Android smartphone. The look is very eye-catching, which can be described as quite conspicuous, especially in the green version. But the smartphone has even more to offer.

Realme GT Neo 2 with a bright 120 Hz display

The upper middle class is fiercely competitive and the Realme GT Neo 2 now wants to play along. It's a chic Android smartphone with a 6.62-inch AMOLED display that not only supports 120 Hz, but can also be bright up to 1,300 nits . Otherwise, only absolute high-end smartphones achieve this - and then not all. The smartphone is powered by the Snapdragon 870, which has up to 12 GB of RAM and a maximum of 256 GB of internal memory.

Realme provides virtual memory for this smartphone, which measures 7 GB. Theoretically, you could access 19 GB of RAM in this way. Of course, this is much slower than the physical RAM, but can be used in an emergency. So that the smartphone doesn't run out of breath too quickly, a 5,000 mAh battery is built in, which can be charged to 100 percent in 36 minutes thanks to the 65 watt fast charging technology.

Additional features include a 64 MP triple camera, which is supposed to create special photos and videos with special software features. In addition to the main camera, there is a super wide angle and a macro camera. Realme does without a telephoto lens . Otherwise there are 5G, stereo speakers that support Dolby Atoms and a "GT Mode" for more power in certain situations.

You can watch the Realme GT Neo 2 in the video:

Realme GT Neo 2: Cheaper if you strike directly

Realme is selling the Realme GT Neo 2 in an "Early Bird" promotion that runs between November 16 and 29, 2021 . The following prices apply during this period:

Realme GT Neo 2 with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage for 369.99 euros instead of 449.99 euros Realme GT Neo 2 with 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage for 449.99 euros instead of 549.99 euros

So if you fancy the Realme GT Neo 2, you can strike right away and save a lot of money.


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