Pro Redmi smart strap launched

Xiaomi is one of the leading manufacturers of wearable devices and the company currently has a number of products on the market. Now, the company has introduced its latest wearable device called the Pro Redmi smart strap.

Unlike the Smart Wristband 6, this new wearable product has a design that makes it look like a smartwatch, even if it is a fitness tracker. This device has a 1.47-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 194 by 368 pixels and 264ppi pixel density.

This device supports more than 50 clock pages. It is offered in a black body and is made of glass fiber reinforced with 2.5-dimensional glass and polycaprolactam.

The device has several features, including more than 110 workout modes that include popular activities such as running, cycling, swimming and yoga. The company says that the Pro Redmi smart strap can detect when to start training and can also measure its user effort.

Pro Redmi Smartband supports applications such as Strava and Apple Health and can measure stress levels as well as provide women-related health features. In addition to a 24-hour heart rate monitor, this fitness tracker also supports sleep quality tracking. It also supports blood oxygen level monitoring, which can be done automatically when the user is asleep.

This device has 5ATM water resistance and can hold a charge for up to 14 days of normal use or 20 days in energy saving mode, after a full charge through a magnetic charger.

Currently, Xiaomi has not shared the price details and availability of the Pro Redmi smart strap. These details are expected to be announced in the coming days or weeks. It may also be available in countries where Smartband 6 is not available for purchase.

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