Photoshop & Lightroom: Photo tools on Cyber ​​Monday at a low price on Amazon

Photoshop & Lightroom: Photo tools on Cyber ​​Monday at a low price on Amazon

Anyone looking for software for image and photo editing as a professional or hobby user with high demands can currently get a real bargain on Amazon. There is the "Adobe Photo Subscription" with Photoshop and Lightroom in annual license on Cyber ​​Monday 2021, greatly reduced. xiaomist has all the information for you.

Creative Cloud photo subscription with Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC for only 141.90 euros 84.99 euros

The Creative Cloud Photo subscription includes the programs Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Lightroom CC including 20 GB of cloud storage in a 1-year license at a low price of 84.99 euros . For comparison: the normal price is 141.90 euros for one year - you save 40% . The activation code will be sent promptly by email, an Adobe user account and the download of the programs is required for redemption. However, the offer is only available for a short time, so you should grab it soon.

The programs are suitable for Windows and Mac, you can also use Photoshop CC on the iPad. Of course, all program updates for the subscription period are also included.

Adobe Creative Cloud photography subscription at a low price: Who is it for?

Photoshop CC is the leading program for editing graphics of all kinds, which is unmatched by any other image editing program in terms of functionality and performance. Lightroom CC is a powerful program for managing digital photos and quickly developing RAW photos with a variety of editing options.

The Creative Cloud Photo subscription is primarily suitable for users who do image processing and / or digital photography professionally or as a hobby with high demands. Anyone who planned to familiarize themselves with the programs for professional image processing, image management and RAW development, which are standard tools in the industry, now has no more excuses.


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