OnePlus wants to anticipate Samsung and build a unique smartphone

OnePlus wants to anticipate Samsung and build a unique smartphone

OnePlus has so far been bringing more ordinary Android smartphones onto the market. Every now and then you show a concept, but that quickly disappears from the scene. That could change with an upcoming model, however, because OnePlus is developing a smartphone that Samsung is also planning in a similar form.

OnePlus develops "tri-fold" smartphones

Samsung is currently the leader in the folding smartphone market. Many Chinese manufacturers actually wanted to follow suit and compete with the South Korean company. So far it has been relatively quiet. Folding cell phones are shown here and there, but hardly anyone has any real success with them. OnePlus could change that with the "Tri-Fold" . A patent has now appeared that shows the unique smartphone:

The OnePlus "Tri-Fold" smartphone should consist of a total of three equally sized parts and can be folded in two places . As a result, it should cover significantly more purposes than is the case with Samsung and the Galaxy Fold. If you want, you can use the "Tri-Fold" smartphone as a normal mobile phone. If you need a little more display, a part is opened. If you want a really big tablet, the entire device is unfolded.

All of this creates a lot more possibilities and you can set up the smartphone in different variants. The parts are to be held in position by magnets . Samsung is planning a very similar smartphone, which you can see in the video below:

With the "S-Foldable", Samsung also wants to build a double-foldable smartphone, but has planned something more in the direction of the flip phone that is reminiscent of the Galaxy Z Flip. Since these are all just concepts, the design can of course still change. Samsung has also been working on a retractable smartphone for a long time.

OnePlus is part of Oppo

Since OnePlus has been part of Oppo for some time, it can be assumed that such large projects will actually be carried out now. In addition, Oppo could also access the technology and bring a similar folding smartphone onto the market. The possibilities are diverse and the market is not yet as crowded as with normal smartphones.


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