o2: Unlimited tariff for DSL and mobile phones starts at a top price

o2: Unlimited tariff for DSL and mobile phones starts at a top price

The market for landline and mobile communications is constantly changing. For o2, the two areas are growing together more and more, so that the company has now introduced "o2 One Unlimited", a new tariff that combines telephone, DSL and mobile communications - and at an attractive price.

o2 One Unlimited: Fixed line and mobile network without limit for 60 euros

Anyone looking for a new landline and mobile phone tariff in the near future could kill two birds with one stone at o2 from December 1, 2021. With "o2 One Unlimited", a combination offer is launched that combines everything in one tariff . You get an unlimited tariff for only 60 euros a month. This is made up as follows:

The basic package of "o2 One Unlimited" already includes unlimited data volume for smartphones in the LTE and 5G networks. There is also a landline with DSL. The speed in all cases is limited to 100 Mbit / s . That should be absolutely sufficient for normal use. If necessary, there is the tariff without a contract, so that you can also switch if you are not satisfied. But it costs a one-time fee of 99.99 euros.

If you like, you can order additional cards for mobile communications and thus greatly expand use. If 100 Mbit / s is not enough for you, you can upgrade to 250 Mbit / s. That then costs 10 euros more per month. Of course, o2 is again offering smartphones or tablets and optionally also a TV offer. If you change by February 28, 2022, you save the connection price .

In the video we tell you how to find out whether a tariff is really good:

o2 clearly undercuts Telekom

The 60 euros a month for this "o2 One Unlimited" tariff are really cheap. With MagentaEINS Unlimited, Telekom has a comparable offer in its range. There the tariff costs 90 euros a month and you can access a maximum of 100 Mbit / s. If the CO2 network is good enough for you to exploit the potential, you could get a really attractive option here. After all, o2 overtook Vodafone in the last network test.


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