o2 is leading the way: quitting at any time becomes competitive

o2 is leading the way: quitting at any time becomes competitive

The first harbingers of the TKG amendment are here: o2 is taking the change in the law as an opportunity to revise the tariff structure. Cell phone tariffs without a contract period benefit from this. The Munich provider will no longer charge you a surcharge from December.

o2 is reorganizing its tariffs. The reason for this is the amendment to the Telecommunications Act, which will come into effect on December 1st. She calls for significant improvements for consumers around mobile radio and Internet tariffs. o2 goes beyond that.

o2 removes surcharge: monthly termination becomes standard

The most obvious innovation: o2 is removing the so-called flex option from December 1st. So far, a term tariff like the popular o2 Free M (24 months term, view at o2) has become a monthly cancelable variant. That costs 5 euros extra at the normal monthly price. But that will stop in December.

For the time being, the campaign is designed for six months, so it is valid until May 31, 2022. However, the announcement already reserves the right to extend the offer at o2 (source: Telefónica). Whether it comes to this is likely to primarily depend on how the offer is accepted.

The second change is nothing short of a bang in the cellphone industry: o2 is completely abolishing the three-month notice period. The TKG amendment only requires that non-canceled term tariffs can be canceled monthly after the term has expired. o2 wants to transfer this to all tariffs right from the start. A contract concluded for 24 months can therefore be terminated up to one month before the end of the term.

No matter how long the deadline is, it always makes sense to cancel cell phone contracts. Why do you find out in the video :

TGK amendment: Existing customers also benefit from it

In accordance with the change in the law, the monthly notice period from December 1st applies equally to new and existing customers. o2 makes it clear: "The regulation also applies directly to customers who are already in the process of an automatic contract extension on December 1st ." Anyone who has just been annoyed about a missed notice period can breathe a sigh of relief.

O2's move comes at exactly the right time, of course: The new version of the Telecommunications Act is forcing providers to make better offers anyway. o2 is now making the start and cleverly uses the chance to be a bit better than what is already mandatory. We expect that Vodafone, Telekom and Co. will respond with attractive offers .


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