O2 doesn t stand a chance on the move: The competition is much stronger when it comes to downloads

O2 doesn t stand a chance on the move: The competition is much stronger when it comes to downloads

Network coverage, price-performance ratio, internet and general connection quality - when choosing a mobile network provider, a lot is important. In a current network test, O2 is unfortunately nowhere completely convincing, and the provider is far behind in terms of download speed.

o2 loses connection: download speed cannot keep up

There are many factors to consider when deciding which wireless service provider is right for you. One of the most important is the speed with which you are mobile on the Internet. Here, of all places, there is no clear winner in sight, but a clear last place: o2 has no chance when downloading - and there is a reason.

With an average download speed of only 30.8 MBit / s , o2 cannot convince in the current test by Opensignal and clearly secures 3rd place out of 3. Vodafone achieves more (44.8 MBit / s) and Telekom gets the best result ( 54.2 Mbit / s). Telekom customers are online almost twice as fast as customers in the O2 network (source: Opensignal):

There is a reason for the poor performance: Opensignal gives the average values ​​per provider, regardless of the 4G or 5G network. O2's 5G network is still the least developed and is therefore pulling the average speed down overall. The proportion of 5G customers is likely to be higher among the competition and also have a better speed experience there.

o2 is average: Provider does not convince in any test category

So the all-clear for CO2 and their customers? On the one hand, yes, on the other hand, you could not win any of the test categories in the test of Opensignal, even as the only provider. The categories of video experience, gaming experience, voice quality experience in apps, upload speed experience, 4G availability and 4G network coverage experience were also tested.

In addition to the choice of provider, there are also a few things to consider when it comes to cell phones. You can find our recommendations for a small budget in the video :

In these categories, the results of all providers are closer together. But individual wins only go to Vodafone (gaming and voice quality) and Telekom (all other categories). In the half-yearly test by Opensignal, Telekom is the overall winner .

In another test , however, o2 was far more convincing. Here, for the first time, the ranking of German providers that had been in place for years broke, o2 was able to position itself in second place ahead of Vodafone. One also goes ahead with customer friendliness with a short notice period.


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