Now it will be easier to know if your Xiaomi is too hot

Xiaomi has just updated MIUI with a functionality that will undoubtedly simplify the fact of knowing if our smartphone is too hot or if simply the temperature is correct and more suitable for its operation.

Although knowing the temperature, at least of the battery, was as simple as entering the MIUI settings, the data provided from this menu was somewhat confusing , especially for those without knowledge of what temperature should be correct.

MIUI is updated to understand if your smartphone is at the correct temperature

As we can see in the following images provided by XIAOMIUI , Xiaomi has replaced the battery temperature indicator with three new states : hot, cold or the one that we will all look for, normal.

Ahora será más sencillo saber si tu Xiaomi está demasiado caliente. Noticias Xiaomi A
Temperature indicator (Before and now)

In this way, anyone without prior knowledge of which temperature is more suitable will be able to know if the Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO battery is at the correct temperature or if it is too hot or cold.

Of course, at the moment this update has only been deployed through the MIUI Closed Beta , specifically through the Chinese ROM. It is therefore that it will still take us to receive it in the Global or European ROM, probably together with MIUI 13 .


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