Nokia 6310: The classic cell phone is back

Nokia 6310: The classic cell phone is back

The traditional company Nokia has long ceased to manufacture its own smartphones, but the brand is still associated with the good, old, first-generation cell phones. One of these classics has now been reissued and is now available online.

Update from November 24th, 2021: The time has come, the updated version of the Nokia 6310 is now also available in Germany. Compared to the original report, not only has the start been delayed, but there have also been positive changes in the price: instead of the appropriate 63.10 euros that was initially spent, manufacturer HMD Global is now charging 59.90 euros for the old-school cell phone (for View Nokia).

So if you appreciate the charm of the classic, you don't have to spend a lot of money. Anyone looking for a modern smartphone has come to the wrong address with the Nokia 6310. The new edition of the classic is also offered on Amazon, with the black version for 57.18 euros (view on Amazon) you can even save a little. In green, on the other hand, you pay a little more with 61.99 euros (view on Amazon). But you still have to open the location-dependent shipping directly from Nokia.

Original article:

The Nokia 6310 is back. The producer HMD Global is bringing an iconic cell phone into the present. Visually, the current 6310 differs significantly from its predecessor, but there are still some features for retro fans that are not found in modern smartphones.

Nokia 6310: The Return of the Old School Cell Phones

For the younger generation of smartphone users, it is hard to imagine: a cell phone with buttons, without a touchscreen. But that's exactly what you bring back with the 6310, buttons and a 2.8-inch color display (source: HMD Global). For some people who used to be able to type text messages blindly, when there were still real buttons on the cell phone, this could be a real advantage. HMD Global can primarily convince with the battery life of the Nokia 6310: The battery only delivers 1,150 mAh, but according to the manufacturer, this should be sufficient for several weeks in stand-by mode for the economical classic.

Otherwise, according to current standards, the equipment is spartan at best. A single camera with 0.3 MP, 3.5 mm jack socket, plus 16 MB RAM and only 8 MB internal memory seem practically useless today - at least the latter can be expanded by up to 32 GB via microSD. But: Nokia is consciously making the new 6310 an alternative to modern smartphones. It's not just reduced, but puristic and modern thanks to the new colors that you can also see in the video:

Customers don't have to dig deep into their pockets for this either: 63.10 euros is the right price, the 6310 is available as of today. But there is also radio reception and the good old Snake in a refreshed form. Android cannot cope with the classic, the 6310 runs with Nokia's S30 + operating system.

Robust smartphone: Nokia XR20 should convince with hardness

But HMD Global has presented even more: The Nokia XR20 is supposed to combine the modern smartphone with the robustness of Nokia. Waterproof according to IP68, drop-proof from a height of 1.8 m and provided with Gorilla Glass - that's something to be proud of. In terms of technical equipment, however, you buy an entry-level smartphone at an upper mid-range price of up to 579 euros, depending on the equipment. Striking here needs to be considered.


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