No Windows 11 for Macs: the real reason comes to light

No Windows 11 for Macs: the real reason comes to light

The problem is well known: Since Apple built their own chips, Windows and, above all, Windows 11 are no longer officially available for the Mac - Microsoft just doesn't want to, but they could. Now the real reason for the "stubbornness" comes out.

Windows on the Mac may make a "real" Apple fan shudder, but for many years it has been a useful thing for quite a few users. Simply by boot camp or virtualization, run one or the other Windows app or dare to play a game? No problem.

Secret treaty prevents Windows 11 on Mac

But then this harmony of the systems was over. For the M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max there is no Boot Camp from Apple and no Windows from Microsoft. The latter is also available for ARM processors and therefore also runs on the M1, but Microsoft refuses to officially license it and bring it to the Mac. Why so stubborn, ladies and gentlemen in Redmond?

Now the real reason comes out: So far there is a secret and exclusive contract between Qualcomm and Microsoft. Does Windows mean for the ARM architecture can only run on devices with Qualcomm chips, so Microsoft's hands are tied (source: XDA-Developers).

The installation of Windows 11 with Parallels on the M1 Mac succeeds more or less unofficially ( see video ):

But there is hope, because according to the sources, the secret agreement should expire soon and the way for Windows 11 on the Mac would be free. However, it is not known what "soon" means and whether Microsoft would actually be interested in such a solution. So far this has always been denied. Ergo: wait and see.

Previous solution to the problem

So far, owners of an M1 Mac have had to resort to Parallels 16.5 or higher and use it unofficially . The VM software can run the "Insider Preview" of Windows 10 and 11, but this is often associated with problems and is of course not officially supported by Microsoft. The variants mentioned are experimental developer versions that are not actually intended for everyday use and cannot be formally acquired.


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