No, this is not the Xiaomi 12 mini nor are these its features

During yesterday, various websites among which we find large portals of the technology sector, took for valid certain images and characteristics of a supposed Xiaomi 12 mini without realizing, or simply not investigating, to come to realize that they were totally false.

Although the rumor about the existence of a Xiaomi 12 mini is still latent , the truth is that as you can see below, the images published as real turn out to be a simple assembly , actually using a Vivo terminal.

No, it is not the Xiaomi 12 mini… it is the Vivo X50 5G

Under these lines we can see that image of the supposed Xiaomi 12 mini that many portals took for real and in which some characteristics and price are described that undoubtedly more than one would like them to be real.

No, este no es el Xiaomi 12 mini ni son sus características. Noticias Xiaomi A
Assembling the Xiaomi 12 mini

Instead, as we can see in the following image, it is a simple assembly in which an image of the Vivo X50 5G camouflaged as a fake Xiaomi 12 mini has been used . Surprising, right?

No, este no es el Xiaomi 12 mini ni son sus características. Noticias Xiaomi A
Vivo X50 5G

With this we do not want to deny the existence of the Xiaomi 12 mini, probably if it is in Xiaomi's plans , but it is clear that we are still completely unaware of its design and even more so, its characteristics and price.

The entry No, this is not the Xiaomi 12 mini nor these are its characteristics was published first in xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website


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