New Nextool 6-in-1 multipurpose flashlight now available

In addition to its own articles, on YouPin we can find a huge variety of gadgets related to Xiaomi and that also have an excellent quality and price ratio. An example of this is its new multipurpose flashlight: the NexTool 6 in 1 Thunder Flashlight , a multipurpose tool that, due to its functions, is very attractive.

Multipurpose NexTool 6-in-1 Thunder Flashlight

And it is that we not only find the characteristic features of any flashlight, as its name says, it has a total of 6 tools inside; perfect to be used in various circumstances.

Features of the NexTool 6-in-1 Thunder Flashlight

Going into details, this new multipurpose flashlight has a weight of just 203 grams, while its measurements are 3.4 x 16 cm . In addition, it has been manufactured in materials of the best quality; such as ABS plastic and aerospace grade aluminum; and of course, with an anti oxidation capacity.

However, the most interesting is inside and how it works. Since it offers us a very powerful lighting, reaching 1,000 lumens and with a long-distance projection .

It also offers us a high intensity alarm , more than perfect to be sounded in moments of danger; in addition to an emergency light and an ambient light for camping or work areas .

But that's not all, since it also has a magnetic stand and a portable 2,600 mAh battery to charge any phone or other gadget.

Xiaomi multipurpose flashlight What is its price and availability?

Without a doubt, one of the most attractive aspects is its price, which is less than 28 euros and is already available on AliExpress, with fast shipping all over the world.

  • We leave you the best current purchase link of this 6 in 1 flashlight from Nextool
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