Netflix subscription currently cheaper: iPhone users use this trick

Netflix subscription currently cheaper: iPhone users use this trick

This year, Netflix only increased the prices again - regrettable. Isn't there any way to save money? Oh yes, iPhone users can now use a trick that the streaming service makes possible in a somewhat hidden way. Only very few users probably know it.

In the past, you could conveniently pay for your Netflix subscription using your own Apple ID. This had the advantage that you could reduce the monthly price if you topped up your own account again and again with discounted credit cards. They're actually always 15 or even 20 percent cheaper somewhere - currently for example at MediaMarkt and Kaufland, and from November 22nd at Aldi Süd and Nord.

Pay less for a Netflix subscription through Apple: Here's how ...

In the meantime, however, Netflix has deactivated the option for "new customers" . Only those who have already paid continuously using the Apple ID can continue to do so. Everyone else then has to pay directly to Netflix. In this way, the streaming provider naturally bypasses the hefty commission payments to Apple for corresponding in-app purchases.

New hit on Netflix with Matthias Schweighöfer in the trailer:

But now the possibility opens up again - with a trick (source: As is well known, Netflix has also been offering its own games for a few days (watch it on Apple). For the iPhone and iPad, it is compulsorily available as a single download from Apple's App Store.

If you download these and want to play, you must have a Netflix subscription. Now the trick: If you don't have an active Netflix account, you can register via the individual games or reactivate your old account. Netflix then offers the option of taking out a "standard subscription" for 12.99 euros using the Apple ID . Payment is made directly through Apple and the connected account. And existing customers? If you have an active account, you can simply cancel it and re-enter one of the Netflix games.

If you have topped up your Apple account with discounted prepaid cards, the Netflix subscription will of course also be cheaper. Depending on the card advantage, this can be 15 or 20 percent. That adds up to a few euros a year. So if you always top up the account nicely, you save the equivalent of over a monthly amount in one year.

Currently only for standard HD subscription

Important to know: Obviously, this trick can only be used to take out a standard subscription . But there is HD quality and streaming is possible on up to two devices at the same time. Unfortunately, Ultra-HD is ruled out.


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