Netflix Games: These games are now available on your phones

Netflix Games: These games are now available on your phones

Games are now also available on Netflix. It starts with five games for subscribers, which can only be played on Android smartphones and tablets. The streaming provider does not use advertising or in-app purchases. iOS games should follow soon.

Netflix Games: The first games for Android phones are here

After a long period of preparation, Netflix is ​​now offering its first games. These are only available to subscribers who have a smartphone or tablet with Android as the operating system. It is said that own games will soon follow for iPhones. Netflix waives additional fees for the games as well as advertising and in-app purchases. Some of the games also do not require an internet connection.

To start with, these five games are available on Netflix:

Stranger Things: 1984 Stranger Things 3 Basketball Shooting Hoops Joker Playing Card Card Blast Billiards Teeter Up

The list makes it clear that Netflix is ​​still at the very beginning . More titles are likely to be added soon, at least some of which have to do with Netflix series, as the Stranger Things titles show. It is hoped that this will help bind customers to Netflix even better.

The games have their own area in the Netflix Android app. There they can be downloaded from Google Play. To play, however, the Netflix app on the mobile phone or tablet must always be started first. The games are not available in children's accounts (source: Netflix).

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Games on Netflix: Same Fate As Amazon Underground?

It remains to be seen whether and how Netflix customers will accept the new offer. In 2015, Amazon started a very similar program for Android games, Underground, but discontinued it less than two years later due to lack of success .


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