Mobilcom-Debitel presents innovation: "Germany s first CO2-neutral smartphone"

Mobilcom-Debitel presents innovation:

Mobilcom-Debitel has surprisingly presented its own cell phone, which wants to clearly differentiate itself from the competition. In the Fairphone style, the new Rephone partly uses sustainable materials and a modular structure. Repairs are carried out at a fixed price.

Rephone: Mobilcom-Debitel presents a special mobile phone

Mobilcom-Debitel dares to become a smartphone manufacturer. Otherwise known for its cell phone tariffs, the company has now presented its first smartphone , the Rephone. It is assembled in Germany and, among other things, should convince with its materials. The removable back of the Rephone is made from recycled material, and the cell phone is packaged without plastic.

The manufacturer advertises the LTE mobile phone as "Germany's first CO2-neutral smartphone" , but also points out the fact that the components are brought in from the Far East. Anyone who no longer wants to have their cell phone after five years will receive a "recycling bonus" of 25 euros from Mobilcom-Debitel. Repairs are to be offered at a fixed price, the display replacement costs 89 euros.

The Rephone's battery is not permanently connected to the mobile phone and can be exchanged so easily - just like with the Fairphone 4. It has a capacity of 4,500 mAh. A pure Android 11 without bloatware is preinstalled and an update to Android 12 should follow shortly. A classic jack connection is included, charging is via USB-C.

In the video : This is how the Rephone is put together in Germany.

Rephone with 6.3-inch display for 399 euros

Mobilcom-Debitel relies on a 6.3-inch display with Full HD + for the Rephone. The Helio G85 was chosen for the processor. It is supported by 6 GB of RAM. The 128 GB memory can be expanded via a microSD card.

On the back there is a dual camera that enables 64 MP and 8 MP (wide-angle) images. Selfies are possible with 16 MP. The Rephone is now available online and in the branches of Mobilcom-Debitel at a price of 399 euros in black.


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